Japan Becomes Only 1 From No. 1 In Global IC Manufacturers
Date: 2015-04-30
Market research institutions forecast ICInsights, NXP Semiconductors (NXP) and Freescale Semiconductor (Freescale) after the merger the new company will be squeezed into the 2015 world's top ten semiconductor suppliers (depending on sales) charts; in the rankings I'm afraid the only one left on the Japanese industry.ICInsights updated version will be released later in 2015 IC industry trend analysis report McCleanReport, content in addition to the 2014 top ten global top five semiconductor and IC manufacturers sales charts, including Top selling all types of IC products; According to the report, 2014 In the world's top ten semiconductor suppliers are only two Japanese companies, including Toshiba (Toshiba) and Renesas (Renesas), but with NXP and Freescale will merge later this year, will Toshiba out of the top ten list outside.For those long-term observation of the semiconductor industry, this means a significant change ── Japan had to dominate the global IC market, now the situation has deteriorated. As it can be seen from the table, in the 1990s, the Japanese semiconductor manufacturers had occupied six seats in the world's top 10 list, so that other countries catch up; but by 1995, the number of Japanese semiconductor industry in the rankings to become four, followed by three in 2006 into 2000, until 2014 only two.Global top 10 semiconductor companies include most of the overall IC market share of a comeback trend; in 2006, the total sales of the top ten semiconductor vendors worldwide before, account for about 45% of the proportion of the overall IC market sales by 2014 this proportion to grow to 53%, despite an increase of eight percentage points higher than in 2006, but in fact, not as good as 59% during 1990.With fewer and fewer semiconductor industry suppliers to reach economies of scale in the market, the proportion of successful investment and competition, ICInsights expects global revenue of the top ten vendors in the overall semiconductor market accounts, and will continue in the next few years slowly increase.
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