Panasonic's Semiconductor Business Is Downturn
Date: 2014-01-02
Panasonic's semiconductor business downturn, has become as of fiscal year 2012 ( ended March 2013 ) two consecutive fiscal years one of the main substantial losses occur .According to Japanese media reports, Panasonic will significantly compressed semiconductor business plan before the year 2014 about 14,000 employees in the sector reduced to about half its overseas factories mainly engaged in the semiconductor business employees. Japan has implemented an early retirement terms , the remaining staff will be assigned to other departments.Since cutting staff , estimated fiscal year 2013 ( ended March 2014 ) would require 50 billion yen ( about 3.151 billion yuan ) of the structural reform costs .At the same time , Panasonic will also work with foreign companies to negotiate the sale of part of the plant , and Panasonic in Japan 's major production base uozu , tonami and plants will also face new wells consolidation or off.Panasonic in the future will develop core semiconductors from TV and telephone and other digital home appliances to high value-added automotive and industrial equipment transfers. The company will rely on electricity for control of power semiconductors and sensors and other technical strength, increase foreign sales in order to improve performance .According to reporter understanding , overwhelmed by Panasonic selection and the overall downturn in the semiconductor industry in Japan has a great relationship with the Korean enterprises in the fierce price competition in the Japanese semiconductor manufacturers operate a large area from deteriorating and to have plunged into split, merge and acquisition situations. The reorganization affected by Matsushita , Japan's semiconductor industry will be further compressed.In the national consumer electronics channel salty League Secretary-General Wu Jian seems that Panasonic the cuts , including individuals before formally withdraw from the smartphone market , and intends to exit the plasma TV and all of the " subtraction" strategy is the business transformation and ultimately Panasonic " 2018 green plan " to go through. It is reported that , " Green Plan 2018 " has become a Panasonic beginning of fiscal 2010 from the strategic transformation of the core of the plan 's objective is to give top priority to the protection of the environment to achieve business innovation ." To achieve the ultimate goal, Panasonic in the first quarter of fiscal year 2013 performance point of view , the Panasonic range of strategies are effective , plus the yen lower , benefiting both the Panasonic and the emergence of profit improvement ." Senior insiders BobLee told reporters .Panasonic 2013 fiscal first quarter report shows , pre-tax profit of 122.6 billion yen ( about 7.65 billion yuan ) , compared with 37.8 billion yen a year earlier ( about 2.36 billion yuan ) ; net profit of 107.8 billion yen ( about 6.7 billion yuan ) , compared to 12.8 billion yen ( about 800 million yuan ) , an increase of 742% .
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