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Order Willingness Of PCB Supplier Will Be Weaken    2013-05-05
In recent years, Apple is pushing up the growth of Taiwan's most critical supply chain operations, but because of Apple haggling policy, orders change from the sweet to sour, some of industries do not want to lose money to eating apples. It

Power Manufacturers Will Benefit From Falling Prices Of LED    2013-05-05
Because of poor led market, coupled with high inventory, so tocast a shadow in the LED industry in the fourth quarter ,however,demand for energy-efficient lighting drives continuous growth of shipments in LED lighting, which becomes the onl

Thailand Floods Affect Industry Supply Chain    2013-05-05
Since the raged floods in recent weeks in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam continued deterioration, but also affect the region's electronics manufacturers and assemblers, and even making several important international supply chain links to b

Nokia Will Release Windows Phone Mobile    2013-05-05
According to the latest morning news today,at 16:400, 2011 NokiaWorld Congress will be opened in London, England, it is learned that Nokia will release in the conference the first WindowsPhone phone cooperated with Microsoft. Sina science a

Situation Of Smart Phone Market At Q3    2013-05-05
According to the latest news on October 25th, foreign media reports, an insider from The Wall Street Journal said, in the smart phone market, sales of Apple's iPhone is lower than the Samsung smart phones, the two companies have fought each

Japanese Automobile And Electronics Companies Have Developed    2013-05-05
According to Japanese Economic News ,the Japanese automobile and electronics companies have increased R D investment to improve battery performance, and prepared for large-scale applications of battery in the smart grid field and fighted fo

Sharp Starts Selling The world's Largest LCD TV In US    2013-05-05
Recently, the leading factory in Japan, Sharp sells world's Largest LCD TV in the United States,80 inch in size, the retail price is $ 5,500 (420,000 yen), which is introduced in April this year, following another large one from Sharp, 70 i

LEDs Are Flourishing And PCBs Welcome New Opportunities    2013-05-05
Because of Expo and the Asian Games promote,the demand of LEDs has increased. According to expert from the Guangdong LED Industry Alliance,outdoor lighting market in China was firstly started to drive the rapid industrial development.As the

That Bankruptcy Of U.S. Solar Plant Should Be Cited As A War    2013-05-05
As the solar energy industry continue to revise inventory and the price is decreasing, the U.S. solar-cell factory Evergreen Solar (ESLR) has announced to applicated bankruptcy protection from the Delaware bankruptcy court according to the

The Market Of Supercapacitors    2013-05-05
Super capacitor is the energy storage device between the capacitor and the battery,it not only has a feature of a quick charge and discharge of capacitors,but also has a mechanism of energy storage of electrochemical battery. Supercapacitor

Europe's Largest Pcb Manufacturer Highly Throws $ 620 Millio    2013-05-05
Recently, two rivers areas in Chongqing won in the competition with other more than 20 industrial parks from Asian countries and attracted Europe's largest printed circuit board manufacturer, AT S Austria (Austria Technology and Systems Co.

Three Directions Of Thick Film Chip Resistors    2013-05-05
Compared with metal film resistors,thick film chip resistors are of thicker film which is usually 4um and use new manufacturing process. There are some main directions for development of thick film chip resistor. 1,Miniaturization Currently

China LED Industry Will Be Close To $ 6 Billion In 2011    2013-05-05
Driven by new applications and supports from goverment, the Chinese LED market in 2011 will increase to 58 billion U.S. dollars from last year's 47 billion dollars,which is up about 23%. As more widely used in LCD TVs and street lighting, L

Structure Of Chinese Resistors    2013-05-05
Resistor manufacturers face rising costs and lower prices, intense competition in recent years has reduced the profits of manufacturers.Although the outlook is bleak, but manufacturers are still optimistic about the development of resistors

Toshiba Strongly Pushes Power Semiconductors    2013-05-05
As for the power semiconductor business, Toshiba showed their to win the throne of market share in a recent conference. Because it is said that power semiconductors for the social infrastructure and automotive grow substantially, so Toshiba

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