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The Situation Of Electronic Components    2013-05-05
In the first half year, it is not optimistic for the macroeconomic which causes the consumption power of electronic products was weaker than expected. In the first quarter, the computer and television had a low demand, the mobile phone mark

The Output Of Semiconductor In Taiwan Will Decline 5.8% In 2    2013-05-05
The chairman of TSMC , Morris Chang said last month the law would be revised down in the second wafer foundry output, Industrial Technology Research Institute Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEK) forecasts that in 2011 Taiwan's s

Output of Integrated Circuit Design In Shenzhen Accounts For    2013-05-05
South China's largest integrated circuit (IC) industry event, Shenzhen (international) integrated circuit technology innovation and application show was hold from June 28-29 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre. Reporters learne

The Growth Rate Of Semiconductor In 2011 Is Down To 5%    2013-05-05
Market research agency, IC Insights recut the forecast of revenue in semiconductors in 2011 based on on weak global economic climate. The agency forecasted 10% of growth rate of the global semiconductor in 2011,but now it is down to 5%.In a

The Potential Dangers Of High Voltage Capacitors    2013-05-05
Capacitors are one of the most widely used components in electronic products, but there are also security risks when capacitors are under high voltage and current. High-voltage capacitors may bring terrible damage when their voltages exceed

Weak Demand In Europe Reduces Orders Of PCB And Components    2013-05-05
In fact,manufacturers of PCBs expected the hot season in the third quarter of this year, but because of weak demand in Europe and America,the unexpected buying situation in the mainland, recently many manufacturers of motherboard have reduc

The Market And Development Of Capacitors In China    2013-05-05
There are four kinds of capacitors in China, electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, ceramics capacitors, LMCC. After efforts for many years, the capacitor industry has become more mature. The output of Electrolytic capacitor is about $ 1

All Roads In Shenzhen Will Use LED lighting By 2015    2013-05-05
To expedite the development of Shenzhen LED industry and seize the commanding heights of the development of international LED industry, promoting the popularization and application of LED lighting products in Shenzhen City, Shenzhen officia

Lack Of Leading Enterprises In Shenzhen LED Industry    2013-05-05
Enterprises of LED in Shenzhen mainly focus on upstream substrate, epitaxial wafers and chips, packaged and supporting products. The LED has formed a relatively complete industrial chain.There are more than 800 companies of LED display, bac

The Market Value Of Global Optical Communications Will Be Up    2013-05-05
According to estimate from MIC, the market value of global optical communications equipment and components in 2009 will reach $ 50 billion and reach $ 60 billion in 2012 ,this will also bring growth of optical communication devices , optica

Three Ways To Decrease Prices Of LED Chips    2013-05-05
While LED lights have development in full swing in domestic, indoor lighting has become the focus of the industry, although indoor lighting is less popular than LED lights, but it has bright future. While LED lighting is popular in markets,

China has become the world's market of wind power    2013-05-05
After starting low-carbon economic development plan of $ 500 billion by many countries,China is a global leader to create market of green collar for job. Because of the economic downturn, the United States and Europe stimulates employment i

Intelligent control brings bright future of LEDs    2013-05-05
Compared with conventional light sources, LED has the characteristics of intelligent control. The key of Combination of LED and lighting control is the flexibility and artistry. Through intelligent control, LEDs can achieve the mix of light

Infineon releases TPM chip    2013-05-05
Infineon Technologies AG announced recently that the company released Trusted Platform Module(TPM) chip to meet the devices with Chrome OS from Google. TPM is an integral part of a security architecture for Google Chromebook . Infineon beco

Development Of LEDs In China    2013-05-05
At present LEDs are very hot in China.Many people think that the LED is the new product appeared some years ago, but the truth is some people started LED-related industry early in the 1970s.The LED industrialization happened in the eighties

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