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The TSMC Has 5% Equity From ASML    2013-05-05
Global lithography equipment maker ,ASML (ASML) has officially announced in July this year, the joint investment project options were issued to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (2330), TSMC will be 39.91 euros per share (about new

In 2012 The Global LED Lighting Output Value May Be Up Uo $    2013-05-05
LED forum was held on November 1st and the 2nd in 2012,which focused on the LED market trends, Green Energy Division of LED inside,Chu Yuchao said, as LED backlight penetration in NB, TV and monitor gradually climbed to 85 to 100%, it is es

Vishay Releases New QPL Tantalum Nitride Thin Film Chip Resi    2013-05-05
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced the launch of the new surface-mount chip resistor --- E / QPL MIL-PRF-55342 test of H (Ta2N) QPL to ensure the reliability of the M grade failure rate to reach 100ppm. New E / H (Ta2N) QPL resistance r

Biggest Obstacle Of China LED Export    2013-05-05
Domestic LED enterprises face many difficulties,outside there has been technical barriers from Europe and the United States, Japan, inside, the shortage of supply in embarrassing dilemma. Europe and the United States are as the world's majo

In 2019 OLED Lighting Will Be Widely Used In General Lightin    2013-05-05
The market research firm, Nano Markets released a report on the OLED lighting materials market, the report predicted the OLED lighting materials will be more than 1.3 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2018, OLED lighting will be widely app

China Will Dominate The Asian Semiconductor Market In The Fu    2013-05-05
Asia has been an integral part of the global semiconductor market in the past few years, from materials and wafer supply until the assembly and the consumer market. Over the years, the region is a major objectiveforeign companies reduce pro

Marvell And Cree Jointly Launch A Consumer-grade LED Light    2013-05-05
The global integrated chip solutions leader ,MarvELl announced the launch of the adjustable light A19 LED lamp developed in cooperation with Cree 60 watts turnkey reference design, the two companies will continue to join forces once again t

The High-end Connector becomes A New Hot    2013-05-05
The continuous development of applications in the automotive industry, computer and communications industry, the market capacity of the connector is gradually expanded, the average annual growth rate is of double-digit with potential market

The LED lighting Wann Enter Rural Market    2013-05-05
Since last year, with the downturn of the U.S. and European markets, the domestic market gradually becomeS one of the main battlefield of the many brand companies fought. LED lighting (lighting decoration effect diagram) has always been cha

STMicroelectronics Will Cooperate With Audi To Develop Autom    2013-05-05
Audi and STMicroelectronics (ST Microelectronics) announced that the two sides will expand the strategic cooperation, for the purpose of automotive technological innovation, the joint development of advanced semiconductor solutions. The two

It Is Said AMD May be acquired    2013-05-05
Qualcomm is a leading mobile phone chip supplier, in recent years, by virtue of the ARM architecture-based processor into a laptop running Windows RT system market, the business has been a great development. It is said that Dell and Samsung

From January To September 2012 B/B Value Of North American S    2013-05-05
According to Book-to-bill report based on the the SEMI latest Book-to-Bill, in September 2012, average order amount of North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers is $ 950 million, B / B value (Book-to-Bill Ratio, book-to-bill rati

The incandescent LED Is Banned    2013-05-05
From October 1, incandescent ban came into effect, a nationwide ban on the sale of 100 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting, the new army of the lighting market LED energy-saving lamps have to take the opportunity to seize the mar

Net Profit Of Foshan Lighting At The First Three Quarters Is    2013-05-05
Foshan Lighting released report of profit for the first three quarters of this year, the company achieved net profit of 217 million yuan, down 0.69%, the total revenue was 1.588 billion yuan, down 7.83%. The third quarter of this year, the

On Semiconductor Will Be Among The World's Top 10 Semiconduc    2013-05-05
ON Semiconductor has a dream: to 2015, among the world's top 10 semiconductor companies as well.Recently, the Semiconductor executives receive media interview that ON Semiconductor plans in 2015 among the world's top 10 semiconductor compan

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