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Taiwan Chip Plant Is Expected To Benefit From Strong Sales O    2013-05-05
According to statistics ofSamsung Electronics , driven by demand in emerging markets, the sales proportion of the global LED TV market is expected torise to 70% -74% from 60-64% of the first quarter . The growth momentum of LED for the thir

Intel Launches The New System Chip    2013-05-05
According to foreign media's reports, Intel launched a new system-on-chip integration of 3G power amplifiers, a step forward in mobile computing strategy. The system chip is mainly for the entry-level mobile phones and M2M (Machine to Machi

Chinese Semiconductor Lighting Market Has Rapid Growth    2013-05-05
By virtue of the many advantages Semiconductor lighting gradually becomes the most powerful competitor of the next generation of green light source, and all local and government increased R D for semiconductor light. In 2003 China regarded

ARM And TSMC Are Ahead Of Intel In SoC    2013-05-05
Until the second half of 2015, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) may still be unable to provide production-FinFET technology for ARM processor, but CEO of ARM, Warren East said he did not worry about Intel is leading to the

Apple Will Buy Semiconductor Products With $ 28 Billion    2013-05-05
According to the report released on wednesday by market research firm, IHS iSuppli, dominant force of Apple on the global chip supply chain is growing. The analyst of IHS iSuppli , Meissen nBruce (Myson Robles-Bruce) wrote in the report: Th

Net Profit Of ARM In The Second Quarter Is $ 61.1 Million    2013-05-05
According to reports of foreign media, the British chip designer, ARM today announced financial report at second quarter of 2012. Accordingly results, some customers postponed orders, but ARM's second-quarter revenue still increased by 15%,

In 2015 Sensor Market Will Exceed 120 Billion Yuan    2013-05-05
According to statistics, in 2015, the overall market size of Chinese Internet may rich 750 billion yuan, as the lowest pyramidof the Internet and the most basic aspect of the sensor industry sensors will directly benefit. In recent years, d

Fairchild Semiconductor's New Low Power LED Driver with Inte    2013-05-05
With LED lighting market continues to grow, designers need to be able to fit the limited PCB board footprint to meet the circuit protection and system reliability requirements and simplify the logistics of the supply chain to meet the regul

Chang Reduces Growth Forecast Of Annual Semiconductor    2013-05-05
Morris Chang, chairman and CEO of the Company (TSMC), recently said that the future of the chip market growth may be slowing down, and revised down the overall average annual growth rate of semiconductor.At the meeting in the second quarter

TSMC And GF Remain Foundries Of AMD    2013-05-05
Although there are certain constraints on the capacity, but AMD still decided to use TSMC, GlobalFoundries two factories as the Queen's factory,they will not increase thethird.According to foreign reports, CFO of AMD,Thomas Seifert said: No

Power Semiconductors Is Expected To Reach $ 20 Billion In 20    2013-05-05
Yole Developpement indicates power components including discrete semiconductors, modules and IC ,market sizewill reach $ 20 billion in 2012. These products can meet the emerging hybrid applications, as well as a variety of applications from

In 2012 Growth Rate Of Wireless Semiconductor Market Is Grat    2013-05-05
According to IHS iSuppli's global semiconductor manufacturing and supply market tracking reports,in 2012 wireless applications will be the savior of the global semiconductor market. It is expected that the application field of semiconductor

Everlight Has LED Revenues Of $ 1.5 Billion In June    2013-05-05
In June of 2012, sales of Everlight is 1.491 billion yuan, setting a new highrecordsince 13 months,at the second quarter revenueis 4.31 billion yuan, a growth of 15.08 percent compared with first quarter , the chairman ,Yeyin Fu has also po

Industry Change In Semiconductor    2013-05-05
The semiconductor industry hasa major change, the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer, Intel saidthey will investDutch chip equipment supplier, esmolol Moore (ASML) $ 4.1 billion (about NT $ 123 billion), to achieve next-generation c

AMD Expect At Q2 Revenue Of Chain Will Be Down 11% According    2013-05-05
According to foreign media reports, AMD warned that in fiscal year 2012 revenue at second-quarter will be lower than originally expected. Under the stimulus of this message, The shares of AMD wasdown 29 cents on monday afternoon, a decrease

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