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Importance Notice    2013-05-05
Importance Notice Pls kindly note that Miss Grace Hu left our Elecsound Electronics from 2012, April 20th, so if any contact from her after that pls kindly contact with Elecsound. We thank you for your cooperation. And from now on for any b

Global PV Industry Equipment Market In 2012 Is Bleak    2013-05-05
The BB value of global photovoltaic production equipment dropped to 0.35 which is the lowest point since the data acquisition at first quarter of 2010.At end of 2010, Investment Officer of Applied Materials, Inc. (AppliedMaterials), Eileen

The Industry Profit Of CMK This Year Increased By 269%    2013-05-05
Japanese PCB manufacturer CMK announced earnings of the previous year,although PCB orders used in digital camera and game related products are relatively strong, due to the weak order of AV and digital home appliances and communication rela

Intel Smart Machine Chip Plan To Push 14nm Chip    2013-05-05
According to reports of foreign media, Intel announced a smart phone chip business to catch up program. The plan's goal is to make the big client like applye continue to focus on their own under the continuous integration of the smart phone

Revenues Of Taiwan LED Chip Factory In April Increase By 4.5    2013-05-05
Taiwan's LED industry is increasingly apparent of warm signs, in terms of total revenue of Taiwan's LED die factory, total revenue of the chip plant in April is 36.74 billion New Taiwan dollars, which is approximately 16.26% decline compare

Semiconductor Industry Begins Recovery    2013-05-05
According toview ofHuanxin Chai,analysts ofmarket research firm, DIGITIMESResearch , the world's IC packaging and testing industry boom after the financial tsunami, the output value in 2007had the high point of $ 47.34 billion, appeared two

Thailand's Electrical And Electronic Product Exports Are Exp    2013-05-05
Thai Electrical and Electronics Research Institute (ElectricalandElectronicsInstitute EEI) said that for electrical and electronics industry, many of the major industry of the production bases are located in Greater the Ayutthaya Bangpa-in

Automation Of Chinese PCB Industry Develops Rapidly    2013-05-05
Automation of the Chinese PCB industry is also developing rapidly. Manually retractable panels are replaced by automatic unloader and release the trigger. The advanced circuit board manufacturers are currently using the retractable plate wi

Qualcomm Improves Capacity Of 28nm Chip production of the n    2013-05-05
According to latest news,senior vice president of Global Marketing and Investor Relations from Qualcomm, Bill Davidson said in the second quarter, MSM chip shipments of Qualcomm reached 152 million,an increase of 29% with the same period of

In 2012 Global IC Packaging And Testing Growth Is better Tha    2013-05-05
After the financial tsunami, the output value of world's IC packaging and testing industry reached a high record of $ 47.34 billion in 2007, followed by two consecutive years of recession, and reached a low record of $ 38.03 billion in 2009

Average Global Semiconductor Sales In March Increase By 1.5%    2013-05-05
Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) announced on 1 March 2012 ,moving average sales of global semiconductor within three months is $ 23.31 billion, compared with $ 22.95 billion in the previous month (3 month moving average) rose 1.5%,

Five Semiconductor Companies Intend To Set Up A Fab In India    2013-05-05
Affected by the plan of the Government of India, many companies begin to plan the establishment of one or more buildings semiconductor fab in the Indian subcontinent. According to reports of India Business News (HinduBusinessLine),there are

Annual Growth Rate Of Semiconductor Will Rise To 7%    2013-05-05
Market organizations are raising this year's semiconductor market forecast, after Gartner raised this year's growth rate to 4 percent, IDC announced that for the semiconductor market this year, annual growth rate is up to 6% -7% from origin

In 2012 Semiconductor Foundry Market Is Expected To Grow 12%    2013-05-05
By the introduction of new regulations impact of GEM delisting, the A-share electronic index fell sharply to 3.4% this week, some of the early strong stock and stocks with a quarterly poor performance had decline. In terms of industry funda

Revenue Growth Of TSMC Increases More Than 2% In First quart    2013-05-05
TSMC released of a good two high on the 26th. In the first quarter NT profit per share after-tax is $ 1.29 yuan earnings which is better than expected one, this quarter revenue will have a new record quarter revenue increase is up to 21%.Th

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