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Taiwan's Semiconductor Indicates Recovery Of International T    2013-05-05
For global trade, Taiwan's semiconductor companies like the canary in the coalmine.Computers and mobile phones are assembled in mainland China, then shipped to Europe and the United States, the semiconductor is the key material for the prod

In 2012 Semiconductor Reduces Stock About 5% off    2013-05-05
According to global manufacturing market tracking reports from IHSiSuppli , consumer demand for wireless products such as mobile phones and tablet PCs remain strong and will help the overall semiconductor industry to achieve a moderate grow

Spansion Expects Earnings At Second Quarter    2013-05-05
The flash memory supplier, Spansion Semiconductor (Spansion)announced ON April 26 that its first-quarter sales has a decline,expecting revenue growth at the second quarter.When askedthe overall background and company at the second quarter,

AMD Is Happy While Qualcomm Is Worried    2013-05-05
CFO of AMD,Thomas Seiffert said in quarterly financial conference today:'We are in the first quarter to meet customer's demand of RadeonHD7000GPU. Product is great, the demand is very strong and we certainly hope to get more upstream shipme

Large Panel Will Rise By 1-2% In Second Half Of April    2013-05-05
Last week, the U.S. Philadelphia Semiconductor Index fell slightly to 0.34%, the Dow Jones Industrial rose 0.89%and the Nasdaq composite indexdecreases of-0.20%; Taiwan's electronics industry index fell 4.59 percent, weaker than the weighte

Intel Is Expected To Be Chip Maker Of Smartphone In Next Fiv    2013-05-05
According to latest news,Intel is expected to be important participant of the smartphone chip marketin the next five years. In the past 10 years,several attempts of Intel in this market have failed to succeed.Intel announced that the compan

STMicroelectronics Has Net Loss Of $ 176 Million At Q1    2013-05-05
According to latest news,STMicroelectronics announces the results of the first quarter of fiscal year in 2012, in the period the company has net loss of $ 176 million. At the first quarter ended on March 31, STMicroelectronics has net loss

TSMC And UMC Are Over Production Before The First Quarter    2013-05-05
40 nm and 28 nm are in short supply,which become focus of market, since the mobile device built-in ARM applications processor and 3G/4G baseband have strong demand for chips, IvyBridge processor of Intel and Trinity platform will be listed

S4 Of Qualcomm Is In A Short Supply    2013-05-05
The vice president of Qualcomm (QualcommIncorporated), Steve Mollenkopf said at the earnings conference that the latest generation of ARM chip architecture ,SnapdragonS4 the dual-core processors show a demand trend, making the part of custo

The Profitability Of Semiconductors Decline While Capacity E    2013-05-05
Total revenue of Philadelphia semiconductor in the fourth quarter of last year fell,the operating income was $ 39.44 billion, flat year on year, a decline of 3.75% (due to weak demand); gross margin was 50 percent, down two percentage, down

Panasonic Expands Lighting Business In European    2013-05-05
Recently, on the press conference of the 2012 International Lighting building technology exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany, Panasonic announced that they will expand its LED lighting business in Europe,issuing the annual sales target of

BB Value Of North American Semiconductor In March Is 1.13    2013-05-05
International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (SEMI) announced on March 19,2012 the estimated BB value of North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers is 1.13 which is in an upward for the consecutive six months, mak

Production Capacity Of Package For AMD Accounts A Half In Ch    2013-05-05
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) announces in China, along with two works of packaging and testing plant are completed in Suzhou,it is estimated by the end of the year production capacity of package in China will account for at least half

LED Lamps Are Important For The Architectural Lighting Marke    2013-05-05
It is estimated that the output value of theLEDused in architectural lighting in 2012 is doubled than last year to grow to $ 684 million. Since the Expo, the endless discussion about LED lighting is undeniable, the LED lamps are expected to

Japanese PCB Production In February Has The First Growth Sin    2013-05-05
According to latest announcement of statistical databy Japan Electronics Packaging Circuits Association(JPCA),in February 2012 Japanese printed circuit board (PCB) production rose 3.9 percent to 1.474 million square meters compared to same

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