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Capital Spending Of Semiconductor Will Be Reduced    2013-05-05
The semiconductor industryis also affectedbyterminal weak demand, supply chain inventory correction this year, to meet the arrival of 2012, the market is expected to take effect upon completion of the new wave of equipment inventory kinetic

Chip Sales Of November In 2011 Is Down 2.4%    2013-05-05
According to foreign news reports, the Semiconductor Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as SIA) published a report, in November of 2011 affected by floods in Thailand and the European sovereign debt crisis, the global chip sales

Samsung Asks Staff To Prepare For Economic Downturn    2013-05-05
According to latest news on Jan 2nd,after the South Korean government calls for contingency plans, South Korea's Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motor are requiring employees to prepare for weak global economic situation. TheFinance Ministe

Financial Support Is A key To Business Survival Of PV In 201    2013-05-05
Forthe solar PV market, the turbulent 2011 is closed, in the coming 2012, many solar companies are not optimistic. The industry believes that those with strong financial support for PV companies can remain place in 2012.The industry believe

Panasonic Plans To Begin Production Of LED Lamps In China    2013-05-05
Panasonic plans to begin production of LED lamps in China, production is expected to start early in the current fiscal year in March, they plans to make use of China's LED lighting product to win revenue 15.5 billion yen in fiscal year 2015

Forecast Of Tablet PC Market In 2012    2013-05-05
Tablet PC sales continued to grow worldwide, Apple's share fell slightly.According to data from market research firm ,IDC, the sales of world's Tablet PCfrom first quarter of 2011 to the third quarter soared,at the second-quarter, sales was

STMicroelectronics Has Introduced The Smallest MEMS Module    2013-05-05
STMicroelectronics (STMicroelectronics, referred to as ST), recently released a mini-package integration in 3x5.5x1mm axis linear acceleration and angular velocity sensor inertial sensor module. This new product is a six degrees of freedom

Shipments Of Phones And Panels In Japan Increased Quickly La    2013-05-05
The research agency,IDCJapan released research report on 27th and pointed out that in the previous quarter, (July-September 2011) Japan's domestic shipments of smart phones jumped 243% to 530 million units over last year. IDC said that from

Semiconductor Will Be Down Next Quarter    2013-05-05
TSMC, ASE, silicon products, and other semiconductor manufacturers generally agreed that the semiconductor will be down at the end of the first quarter of next year, then picked up atthe second quarter, the local IC industry will begin to s

Qualcomm Increases The Market Share Of Chips    2013-05-05
Qualcomm Increases The Market Share Of Chips According to industry sources, China Unicom launches of eight new mobile phones on July 26, five models of themuse the Qualcomm chips, indicating that Qualcomm becomes the largest in the 3G smart

The Output Of Taiwan LED Remains The Top This Year    2013-05-05
According to reports from Taiwan media, affected by the credit issues in Europe, coupled with end-market visibility is low, it makes the performance of the global LED industry is far from expectations,the total annual rate is only 2.6%, but

IC Equipment Suppliers Show Knockouts    2013-05-05
In recent years, semiconductor and solar industryare facing and the whole bloody knockout, the challenge of upper semiconductor equipment manufacturers is increasingly serious, equipment manufacturers have lamented that many customers in th

Intel Expands The Global Share To 83.7% In Third Quarter    2013-05-05
According toreports from foreign media andmarket research firm IHS, revenue of the global processor from Intel sets a new record inthird-quarter, which help it further widen ofgap withAMD.IHS said that although Intel warned before revenue i

Semiconductor Industry Conducts Necessary Inventory Correcti    2013-05-05
According to the inventory tracking report from IHSiSuppli ,inventory of semiconductors has decline in the third quarter , ending seven consecutive quarterly rise in the previous situation. The industry has entered a self-correcting mode, t

The Growth Of Semiconductor Will Be 5% Next Year    2013-05-05
If the European debt problem is no longer deteriorating, and smart phones, tablet computers, personal computers and other end products continues to grow, global semiconductor in 2012 will still have 3% to 5% growth.This year Taiwan's semico

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